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Bridging Finance

Specialising in various forms of bridging finance, Turning Point Capital caters to both simple and complex cases, recognizing the imperative need for swift transactions. Our dedicated efforts are geared towards ensuring that your loan is finalized in the shortest possible time.

In the realm of bridging finance, Turning Point Capital typically refrains from charging a broker fee, safeguarding your margin and enhancing the profitability of your deal.

Key advantages of our bridging finance services include:

Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo

Speed and Flexibility

  • Bridging loans can be swiftly arranged, with the possibility of securing one within 5 days to 4 weeks. In some instances, completion can even occur on the day of application, surpassing the pace of most alternatives to bridge loans.

  •  Bridging loans offer far greater flexibility compared to mortgages and secured property loans.

  • With interest on bridge finance either rolled up or deducted, there are no monthly payments to manage. This proves instrumental in maintaining positive cash flow, particularly during property refurbishments or marketing periods.

  •   Bridging loans open the door to lending against properties that may be deemed unmortgageable, allowing you to acquire a property that would otherwise be inaccessible for traditional borrowing.

No monthly payments and lending against unmortgagable properties

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