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Structured Finance

Structured finance is often the key to unlocking a specific deals for a developer. Over time we have developed connections with a number of companies who have an appetite for investing into a plethora of different schemes.

Private equity, private credit, family offices, hedge funds and institutional lenders all play their part.

Whether you are looking to raise for a pre-planning, development, or reconfiguring the deal, Turning Point has access to to an incredible strong network to financially structure the capital stack.

Private Credit

Increasingly, privately held companies are opting to secure loans from non-bank lenders. Whether you're seeking debt for various purposes, in any form, and regardless of the amount you wish to borrow, Turning Point Capital can assist you in procuring and negotiating competitive financing packages.

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Whether you require capital to support expansion, fund acquisitions, or fuel high-growth ventures, Turning Point Capital is ready to assist. We will secure the necessary capital for your needs and negotiate terms that align most favorably with your company, regardless of the borrowing amount.


If your company is facing financial challenges or requires capital to avoid bankruptcy or insolvency, Turning Point Capital can facilitate substantial financing. Collaborating closely with you to safeguard the future of your business, we efficiently negotiate financing solutions with private credit funds.

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Living & Commercial

Securing significant capital for the development or acquisition of high-value commercial, multi-family, or industrial real estate poses challenges. Turning Point Capital, adept at delivering finance tailored to your specifications, ensures the provision of the most competitive and advantageous real estate debt and equity packages.

Infrastructure & Renewables

Turning Point Capital can adeptly broker substantial infrastructure and renewable projects. Sourcing finance for these projects remains intricate for privately held firms, given the substantial capital involved and the specialised skills needed to comprehend and financially structure these projects.

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